feeling excited and anxious?

Everyone feels both excitement and anxiety about their first adventure with the Medicine Wheel! It’s a big commitment to your Self, to become truly aware, awake and aligned to your Soul’s Design. And I thank you all for doing it. What we do for ourselves ripples out to the Universe, like a stone thrown into a pond. It not only heals us, it heals everyone and everything around us, from seven generations or more behind us, to seven generations or more yet to come. ❤️

Join us in a year long course of International webinars and online guidance introducing you to the Shamans way following the Medicine Wheel. Based on the book ‘Path of the white Wolf’ and given by the author & shaman Robin Youngblood.


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Being a part of Shamanic IllumiNations (previous known as Path of The White Wolf course) supported me in an extraordinary and life changing transformation. I have gone deep and journeyed wide. I have reconnected with my true self through this work. I have truly found my life heart-path and i am now living my passions and sharing them with others. It has been an incredible awakening to my true powers and potentials. I am deeply grateful. Thank you.

Vesna Lassen - Denmark