And… we are live!

 The massive earth changes we’re seeing; the energetic shifts we’re all experiencing; the global cry for peace, have all given Robin Youngblood the message that every human needs to heal NOW.

Only through our own healing will we be able to join together to co-create the world we all really want. And a perfect way of reaching out, connecting, is online.

That’s what motivated Robin Youngblood and Marieke Akgül to create this beautiful platform for Personal Leadership Courses based on Indigenous wisdom & new thought:

This platform will be developed in the next months and many teachers and knowledge will be added. Come back regularly to see whats new or subscribe to our newsletter


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Being a part of Shamanic IllumiNations (previous known as Path of The White Wolf course) supported me in an extraordinary and life changing transformation. I have gone deep and journeyed wide. I have reconnected with my true self through this work. I have truly found my life heart-path and i am now living my passions and sharing them with others. It has been an incredible awakening to my true powers and potentials. I am deeply grateful. Thank you.

Vesna Lassen - Denmark