Grandmother Robin Youngblood and grandfather Bert Gunn would like to invite you to Dance to Heal the Earth 2019, a four-day ceremonial healing dance.

This Sacred Medicine Dance is an opportunity to align yourself with Mother Earth and Father Sky. To connect deeply with your core being and the tree of life and how you serve the earth and all the life that is connected with you. This dance, facilitated by grandmother Robin Youngblood and grandfather Bert Gunn, has already been danced in many countries (Sweden, Africa, Thailand, the Netherlands, Germany).

Dance to Heal the Earth is about Restoring the Balance of Life – the Sacred Feminine and Masculine, in Respect, Honor and Healing for Mother Earth and All Our Relations. It’s important to come with an attitude of humility, and a sincere desire to give of ourselves in sacrifice for all the ways that humans have desecrated the Earth. We seek forgiveness for our human family; awareness of and connection with All Our Relations, in order to understand how we may better serve them; and celebration of Life by honouring the Tree of Life. This Dance is a way of honoring Mother Earth and claiming the ways that we can assist her to heal from the ravages of modern civilization.

This year it will be danced in the Netherlands @ Landgoed AlGoed. Just like in previous years you can again participate as an Earth Dancer, or Earth Keeper crew, including being a drummer, a kitchen angel, fire keeper, or ground crew. Whichever of these calls you, your gift to this dance is prayer. Gratitude for the community we build together and the intention you carry with you. Everyone who attends receives the same blessings and transformative experience.


This is not a festival, so we ask for deep respect and serious contemplation as you join with us in community, ceremony and celebration.

Thank you from our deepest hearts Grandmother Robin and Grandfather Bert

Everyone should arrive on Monday Aug. 5, 2019, between 12 and 14 (CET). We will have our closing circle on Sunday, August 11,2019.

General Information+ This dance will change things, not only for the earth, but also in yourself. More information about costs, registration, history, vision and mission can be found at: www.dancetohealtheearth.org

Once you have decided whether you are going to dance or want to serve as an Earth Keeper, you can also register by stichtingdancetohealtheearth@gmail.com


When: 5 – 11 august 2019
Where: Landgoed Algoed – Enschede, The Netherlands
More information: www.dancetohealtheearth.org
Contact organisation: stichtingdancetohealtheearth@gmail.com