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Mitákuye Oyás’in*
We are all related


Church of the Earth is our nonprofit teaching organization, with our Shamanic Ministers, sharing healing sessions, teachings, ceremonies, workshops in many places around the world. As well, our outreach is primarily to assist indigenous and other marginalized people, by partnering with other well credentialed organizations to address food insufficiency, especially local cultural foods and medicinal plants; provide safe drinking water wherever we can; and co-create ceremonies with indigenous wisdom keepers, to help resolve the issues we all face today. Please have a look at our blessed Church of the Earth, and come back often, as the site is always changing and updating. We welcome you to join as an annual member to support our work. If you register, we’ll also send you our biannual newsletter.

Dance to Heal the Earth is our worldwide dancing, fasting ceremony. During these turbulent times, we all get overwhelmed by the changes life is making. When we dance to the Tree of Life our perspectives change. We are able to see new visions and ways to heal ourselves, help all our relatives, be they human or animal, forest or ocean, to heal, which in turn, heals Mother Earth. This dance is a joyous, grateful celebration of our NEW LIVES to the Tree of Life, asking forgiveness for past wrongs, and finding our special place of grateful service to the whole. To understand more about the Dance, please take a look at Dance to Heal the Earth. Please join us, and we’ll send you our monthly newsletter.