Meet shamans, Elders, healers and many more from all over the world

Grandmother Robin Youngblood

Robin is a Great-grandmother, shaman, healer, International teacher, author, artist, musician and ceremonial facilitator of Okanagan/Cherokee heritage. She is a member of the Seven Generations World Wisdom Council, Grandmother’s Circle the Earth and Dance Chief of Dance to Heal the Earth.

As a young woman, her elders told her she would be a bridge between ancient and modern cultures, opening the way for modern people to access their own indigenous cultural wisdom.

She has studied Shamanic cultures across the world, learning the sacred shamanic teachings of Indigenous elders from her own Native American tribes, along with Siberian, Polynesian and Aboriginal Wisdom Keepers.

Today Robin travels the world as an Ambassador/Guide to assist community co-creation, utilizing both indigenous foundational principles and evolutionary process to envision and manifest a healthier, sustainable & more balanced world.

Grandmother Carola Esparza

Medicine Woman. Born of Mother Earth in Chile, of mixed blood. Following the traditions of the Mapuche tribe. Apprentice of Ancient Wisdom. 
Pilgrim of the Prophesy of the Eagle and The Condor


A beautiful strong message recorded by Four Worlds Europe at the special gathering Roots of the Earth – KIVA – Netherlands in Borculo in 2018 from our dear sister Carola Esparza. A message for our sisters in Groningen, Groningen OASE van Nederland and for the current situation in Groningen, The Netherlands regarding the gasdrilling and the unnatural earthquakes it causes. #CodeRood

Jungle Svonni

Jungle Svonni is a Sami (indigenous people in Northern Europe) from one of the most isolated reindeer herding districts in northern Sapmi, about 200 km north of the arctic circle. But have lived many years in other parts of the world, like Greenland and South America for example.

In his mid 20s he went to the Amazon and studied shamanism and plant medicine for 7 years, to recover shamanic knowledge that got lost amongst his own people due to christian laws including death penalty for any practice related to shamanism, like having a drum or practice yoik (sami singing style).

In 2014 he became the first Sami shaman to win over a European government, in Sweden, one of the colonizing countrys of Sapmi, after centuries of persecution of shamanism in Sapmi.

Now working at Northern lights shamanic centre, in Sapmi Norway.

Toroa Aperahama

“Tena Koutou Katoa, nga mihi Aroha A Maori greeting of Love to you all”

Toroa Aperahama is a Maori elder (pakeke) and was taught the traditional ways of his Ancestors by his Beloved Grandmother Te Wharehau. He has worked directly with his Tupuna (Ancestors) all his Life and walks both sides of the Physical and Spiritual Worlds… (Te Taha Tinana – Te Taha Wairua)

He wishes to share his knowledge with the World through the stories his Taonga tell. Over the years he has mentored many people in their understanding, and helped them connect, with their Physical and Spiritual sides, within today’s lifestyle.

Toroa is also a gifted Jade, Bone and Timber Carver and each Taonga (Treasure) he creates has had Healing energies “breathed” into it and on completion is Blessed in the Moana (Ocean). As he allows Spirit, the Tupuna and the rocks or bone to guide him in what to create, which is why he always speaks of “the rocks that talk to me”. Kia ora Koutou Katoa

Sólyomfi-Nagy Zoltán

Zoltán is a shaman, ceremony leader, founder and leader of the Tengri Community in Hungary.

He is the director of Sundeer in Hungary, an International gathering of Wisdomkeepers. ( and the spiritual leader of the Hungarian Sundance Ceremony.

Besides this Zoltán is also a gifted musician and created many beautiful cd’s filled with spiritual and traditional singing and drumming.

Yeye Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis

Yeye Omileye has often been called “an old soul in a modern world”, who has worked over many years to share ancient wisdom, ceremonies and teachings that protects the waters, earth and builds compassionate communities.
She is the founder, with her husband Chief Olu Derrick Lewis, of the internationally recognized Humanity4Water Awards. Her work has led her to be invited to the United Nations. She and her work has been blessed including His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Amma (the Hugging Saint) and many more.

Yeye Omileye is a visionary person whose work reflects all that is creative, cross-cultural and spiritual. She is an author, artist, spiritual teacher, SEED Diversity Trainer, psychotherapist, Ayurvedic and Mindfulness Practitioner, initiated priestess and Crown of Osun- who hails from a long lineage of African-Caribbean Seers.
In March 2018 she was recognized and initiated in Dharamsala India as an Oracle of Osun and Mamaki by Kuten La, Tibetan State Medium of the Nechung Oracle. According to Kuten La, Osun and Mamaki are not different Water Goddesses, but two names for the same Goddess. As such they guide Yeye Omileye in her important cross cultural work to show we are one people and one Earth.

Yeye Omileye is a graduate of London University School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) where she obtained a degree in African Studies. She qualified with a degree in Ayurvedic Medicine from Middlesex University (UK), and a Masters in Counseling and Development from Winthrop University in North Carolina. She is currently a Masters and Doctorate student of the Daoist Way of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. ❤

Sankale Ole Ntutu

Sankale is a son of the Paramount Chief Lerionka Ole Ntutu and a proud Tribes Man from the Purko clan.

Born in Maji Moto, his grandmother nurtured a passion in him for knowledge of the natural world, its plants and animals, and their ways and uses.

Apart from being the Community Chief in Maji Moto, Sankale is also a Naturalist and passionate Nature Guide in Kenya. He has a great knowledge about wildlife, edible and medicinal plants and bushcraft skills which he loves to share with you.
Together with his team, he likes to welcome you at his camp located on the base of the beautiful Loita Hills for an authentic cultural experience and take you on an unforgettable journey back to nature.

Aayla Shaman

AAYLA is a hereditary Siberian shaman  and she works according to the tradition of her ancestors. The Siberian shaman Aayla is a master in dealing with the subtle world. With all her love and devotion she accompanies people in their development to a happy, powerful and self-determined life. Likewise, her soul task is to preserve the energetic balance of the earth.

Through global energizing rituals, seminars, lectures and expeditions to worldwide places of power, Aayla supports a peaceful coexistence between humans and their environment.

As one of the closest students of the Great White Siberian Shaman (Supreme siberian shaman), she is a channel of special cosmic knowledge. Aayla is a visionary, clear, direct woman who is familiar with the knowledge of all world religions and cultures.

The original power of the woman as bearer of the ancestral power, work with the family tree, recognition of the life task of a person, the strengthening of health, as well as the cycles birth – life – death are central to her work.

Marieke Akgul

Marieke is a gifted Animal, Crystal and Gaia Communicator from Holland. She is a child of all Nations and the Animal Kingdom has asked her to speak on their behalf. She works closely with a variety of spiritual teachers from all kinds of realms, World directions, shapes and forms including the Sacred Council of Ancient Wisdom And the Council of All Beeings.

She loves to support people in a humorous but direct way, sharing the Wisdom given to her by the animals. To encourage people to develop themselves in finding their own path and strength so they can truly express themselves according to their soulspurpose for this lifetime.

For several years now Marieke is the apprentice of Grandmother Robin Youngblood and they travel together. Working closely on their platform ShamaNation they offer online teachings such as ‘Shamans Path for Personal Transformation’ and ‘Shamanic Teachings for Today’ They are also deeply connected to ‘Dance to Heal the Earth’

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