Meet shamans, Elders, healers and many more from all over the world

Grandmother Robin Youngblood

Robin is a Great-grandmother, shaman, healer, International teacher, author, artist, musician and ceremonial facilitator of Okanagan/Cherokee heritage. She is a member of the Seven Generations World Wisdom Council, Grandmother’s Circle the Earth and Dance Chief of Dance to Heal the Earth.

As a young woman, her elders told her she would be a bridge between ancient and modern cultures, opening the way for modern people to access their own indigenous cultural wisdom.

She has studied Shamanic cultures across the world, learning the sacred shamanic teachings of Indigenous elders from her own Native American tribes, along with Siberian, Polynesian and Aboriginal Wisdom Keepers.

Today Robin travels the world as an Ambassador/Guide to assist community co-creation, utilizing both indigenous foundational principles and evolutionary process to envision and manifest a healthier, sustainable and more balanced world.

Marieke Akgul

Marieke is a gifted Animal, Crystal and Gaia Communicator from Holland. Shamanism is her path and many physical and spiritual teachers from all kinds of realms and world directions are helping to develop herself.

Twirling Blue Star Woman is the name given to her by spirit during ceremony at Dance to Heal the Earth in which she is a dancer, connecting all that needs to be connected and releasing all that needs to be released.

She loves to support people in a humorous but direct way to develop themselves in finding their own path and strength so they can truly express themselves how their soul chooses for this lifetime.

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Being a part of Shamanic IllumiNations (previous known as Path of The White Wolf course) supported me in an extraordinary and life changing transformation. I have gone deep and journeyed wide. I have reconnected with my true self through this work. I have truly found my life heart-path and i am now living my passions and sharing them with others. It has been an incredible awakening to my true powers and potentials. I am deeply grateful. Thank you.

Vesna Lassen - Denmark