Meet shamans, Elders, healers and many more from all over the world
All our courses have a team of minimum 2 people consisting of one teacher and one supporting teacher / administrator.

We have chosen for this construction to keep the energy of the main teacher as high and connected as possible during the webinars. The other teacher will have a supportive role and will be in charge of the wellbeeing of the group. Together the teachers will be in harmony and serve all for the greater good.

Do you want to join us as a teacher?

Please contact us at info@shamanation.org

Being a part of Shamanic IllumiNations (previous known as Path of The White Wolf course) supported me in an extraordinary and life changing transformation. I have gone deep and journeyed wide. I have reconnected with my true self through this work. I have truly found my life heart-path and i am now living my passions and sharing them with others. It has been an incredible awakening to my true powers and potentials. I am deeply grateful. Thank you.

Vesna Lassen - Denmark