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30 days of Ho 'oponopono Prayers

1-28 february 2019

Would you like to present a Ho'oponopono prayer?

February 1-28, we will be offering a live Ho’oponopono meditation worldwide. Would you like to present? This will be a free event on zoom which will also be shared on Facebook.  As it will be recorded, people who aren’t in your timezone can listen at their convenience. Each offering will be a half hour & all presentations will need to be in English.

At the end of January we will post a calendar, which shows all the presenters and we invite you all to tune in on Zoom daily in february to help us all to manifest these prayers.

Grandmother Robin Youngblood was asked to offer the first Ho’oponopono in a series of 7 for the anual event ‘7 Days of Rest’ For those who missed it, we offer this video here for you.

Yes i would love to present a Ho'oponopono Prayer

Thank you for your willingness to be part of this beautiful event. We will contact you within a day

Interview with Grandmother Robin Youngblood: Shaman’s Path

Coming soon:

Shamanic Teachings for Today

In january we will launch a new Webseries, Shamanic Teachings for today. In these webseries 7 different wisdomkeepers share their knowledge. This video of the talented Marijke Kodden introduces us to a few of them. More to come..

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