In La’kesh*

You are another Myself


Shamanation –
Robin Youngblood

We are all connected through the Web of Life and the Circle of Life. We are all children of the Great Mysterious One and Mother Earth. As the coronavirus is teaching us, everything we do affects everything and everyone else.

At we share indigenous shamanic teachings and values from around the world.

Here, you can learn shamanic practices used since the beginning of tribal times. You’ll take shamanic journeys to the under, above and middle worlds, and other realms and dimensions, to seek the information needed to help you or another find answers. You will learn to protect yourself energetically and create your own sacred space. You will study the ways of the animals, who are our helpers. You’ll listen to the plant people as they tell you their medicines. The Ancestors will reveal your lineage and heritage.

Mitákuye Oyás’in*
We are all related


I am all my relations


Together, as we embark on a year’s communal, spiritual quest around the Sacred Medicine Wheel, we’ll share an understanding of Universal Law and the values, experiences, chants, dances, and ceremonies of the ancient shaman who were the first Seers, Warriors, Healers and Sages of The People.  We’ll reconnect, ever more deeply, to the land we live in; the animals who share their messages with us; the nature spirits; the elements and cycles of Life.

In all the teachings I’ve been blessed to receive from my Native American tribes, from the Siberian, Mongolian, and Polynesian people, there are many nuggets of wisdom, and practices that will help us to heal multigenerational trauma; PTSD; grief; dysfunctional family and work dynamics; past life wounds; and spiritual, mental, emotional and physical blockages. As well, we will retrieve lost soul pieces/essence; develop relationships with our guides, helpers, protectors and ancestors; become aware of and ready to blossom into our life’s passions and purpose; activate the ancestral gifts within our DNA; balance the divine feminine and masculine; align with Father Sky, ground with Mother Earth and integrate it all in the Center, the core of our beings. We will honor the seasons and cycles of our lives with rites of passage.

He poʻe hoʻokahi mākou*
We are one people


бид хамаатнууд*
We are relatives


Our foundation is Path of the White Wolf, An Introduction to Shamanism, written by Grandmother Robin Youngblood and Sandy D’Entremont. Currently, the book and accompanying CD are available in hard copy in English and French, and as an e-book in English only.

The book is only the foundation, however. Robin’s year long, twice monthly, online course includes so much more! Homework assignments are sometimes written, sometimes a listening walk in nature, a shamanic journey, and occasionally a private ritual. The groups work singly, in partnership and all together as the work progresses. Groups become intimate, long-lasting friendships and community.

They are all related


Ea Nigada Qusdi Idadadvhn*
We are all relatives in this creation


Come, join us for a year of practical shamanism, a journey around the Medicine Wheel. The Circle is round, and never ends but always deepens. The East is the place of New Dreams, Visions and Beginnings. It is our Solo path. South is Partnership. We learn about our Passions and Purpose, and how to attract those who will Co-create with us. In the West, we Look Within, Release Blockages, and Heal old wounds. We begin to Share what we’re learning with Family and Community. Our Ancestors greet us in the North, Activating the Gifts in our DNA. Now, we begin to Give those Gifts to the World. We connect more deeply with the Divine, the Star Beings and Angels in the Above, and Ground and Manifest as Mother Earth nurtures us in the Below. In the Center, we integrate all that we’ve learned and experienced throughout this year of deep immersion on the Shamans Path.

Come, Relatives. Join us on the Shamans Path.

You can also contact Grandmother for healing and spiritual counsel at and join us on our new public Facebook group Birthing a New Earth

Path of the White Wolf: An Introduction to the Shaman’s Way

Wolf Medicine is that of the teacher, the pathfinder, and the mentor. Through teachings and practices held sacred by indigenous cultures for thousands of years, Path of the White Wolf takes the reader on a nine-month Shamanic Journey of renewal and rebirth around the Seven Sacred Directions of the Universal Medicine Wheel. In today’s modern world, many of us are yearning for connection and satisfaction in work, relationships, and spirituality. In Path of the White Wolf, co-authors Robin Tekwelus Youngblood and Sandy D’Entremont combine traditional native teachings with contemporary shamanic practices guiding readers through a journey to spiritual understanding. Using simple rituals, meditations, and a series of thought-provoking exercises, Path of the White Wolf teaches the reader how to develop their own individual connection to the world around them and a renewed sense of purpose and meaning in their daily lives.